☎ Buy WD My Passport 2019 WDBYVG0020BBK-WESN 2TB USB3.2 gen1 Portable - Black at the best price » Same / Next Day Delivery WorldWide -- FREE Business Quotes ☎Call for pricing +44 20 8288 8555 sales@span.com Free Advice I tested the 5TB version, and it has sustained copy speeds of around 120 MB/s for both writing and reading when used with a USB 3.2 Gen 1 port. [LLODO] Over 100,000 without power along Gulf Coast as winter weather brings dangerous conditions, [LLODO] Texas sees rare heavy snowfall as winter storm sweeps through region, [LLODO] Storm to dump heavy snow in parts of Plains, Mississippi Valley, [LLODO] Accused Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse seen in bar wearing ‘Free as F—k’ shirt, [LLODO] Winter storm moves into the Mississippi Valley after dumping snow in Texas, [LLODO] 5 cases of UK coronavirus variant found in Minnesota: officials, [LLODO] Colorado family leaves $2,021 tip for restaurant staff to split, [LLODO] NASA is extending Mars and Jupiter missions, citing notable success. Your email address will not be published. My Passport Go is even more expensive yet lacks the hardware encryption. The drive is very compact and light, but it also feels sturdy. Conclusion WD has released a new My Passport that is both slimmer and comes with even more capacity than previous models, up to 5TB. even a Feb 1st 2019 Review of the higher class “My Passport Ultra” with USB-C reveals it’s 5400rpm … so, a standard “My Passport” would highly likely be the same. The drive supports strong encryption, and once you've picked a password, the content is completely inaccessible if that password is forgotten. The drive comes with the WD SmartWare backup program, as well as WD Drive Utilities and WD Security. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Design and features At first glance, the My Passport Ultra could easily be mistaken for the My Passport Edge. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for WD My Passport Ultra USB 3.0 Portable External HD, Red, 2 TB at Amazon.com. The best portable drive for your new Mac notebook, Fast, incredibly portable data storage -- with one missing piece, By Both WD Drive Utilities and WD Security are available for both Windows and Mac. The My Passport is also available in $60 1TB, $80 2TB, and $100 3TB capacities, with the 1TB version being about 0.2 inch thinner and 2 ounces lighter. Equipped with USB-C™ technology, the My Passport™ Ultra portable drive offers an easy way to expand your storage with a modern metal design that complements your PC. The My Passport Ultra drive is a portable HDD that features USB 3.0 connectivity and the company’s usual slick-looking design. What the new My Passport Ultra and the old My Passport share in common are: The compact design (both of them can be carried around conveniently) The USB 3 interface (it can be backwards-compatible with USB 2 devices) The capacity (both ranges from 1TB to 4TB) Well, the differences include: External finish; Bundled software; USB-C interface (only available in My Passport … Though not required to be installed for the drive to work, the bundled software package is useful. It might not be very attention-grabbing, but that isn't likely to be a high priority for many people. WD My Passport 2019: Fast performance. With the Ultra, WD SmartWare now supports backing up to Dropbox's online service (you do need to have a Dropbox account of your own). The WD My Passport Ultra is one of the best portable drives you can buy with software that makes backups fast and easy. This WD My Passport 4TB review has probably shown you how the 256-bit AES hardware encryption, USB … When used with USB 3.0, the Ultra scored 119MBps for writing (compared with the My Passport Edge, which scored 83MBps) and 118MBps for reading (compared with the Edge's 98MBps). You can choose to back up folders and files, or it can automatically back up important data, which is very useful for those who aren't as computer-savvy. At the suggested retail price of $100 for 500GB or $130 for 1TB (the price of the 2TB version is not yet available), the My Passport Ultra seems slightly more expensive than its peers. In all, the backup software works very well. Rebecca Perfectly paired with WD Backup™ software and password protection, the My Passport drive helps keep your digital life's contents safe. This is because the drive has everything else: fast performance, large storage space, and helpful bundled software. © 2021 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. This is not a big deal; on a Mac, you can just use Time Machine with the drive. Western Digital My Passport 5TB (2019) Review WD offers an update to its popular My Passport lineup of portable drives. The My Passport Ultra is preformatted for Windows (NTFS), but it can be easily reformatted for Macs (HFS+). By default this suite works only with the drive it's bundled with, but with the Ultra, you can upgrade to the Pro version for free. It’s Windows® 10-ready out of the box to seamlessly deliver plug-and-play storage, while password protection with hardware encryption helps enforce the security of your content. WD(Western Digital) My Passport Ultra Review 1TB & 2TB. The WD element is the standard version whereas the WD My Passport has three other versions. The bad At launch, the drive's suggested price is slightly higher than those of its peers, and its 2TB-capacity model is not yet available. Looking at our 4K random throughput the new WD Passport gave us 2,229.4 IOPS write and 107.8 IOPS read, a large improvement over the previous one’s 37.5 IOPS write and 75.13 IOPS read. These scores were above average for USB 2.0 drives. The Ultra works with both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, but if you want to get the best performance, you need to use it with USB 3.0. The WD My Passport (2019) offers massive capacity plus portability at a very reasonable price. Hello, I have the WD 1TB My Passport Ultra Silver Portable External Hard Drive, USB-C - WDBC3C0010BSL-WESN. The LaCie Mobile Drive and Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Touch posted a photo finish in 11 seconds, with the other three drives, including the WD My Passport… However, we couldn't just avoid it … Design. This disk drive is available at £142.49 and is available in 3 different sizes 1TB, 2TB & 4TB and available […] WD Drive Utilities contains (as one might guess) utilities that enable you to check on the drive's status, test its functionality, or even reformat it. Slim style. We check out the 5TB version and see what it's all about. WD SmartWare, on the other hand, is only for Windows. WD has given the plastic/metal combo from the previous generation a different design, fusing modern anodized metal and textures, in either a dark blue or a silver finish. Untuk mengukur kinerja drive WD My Passport Ultra terhadap model lain, penguji menggunakan Crystal Disk Mark di bawah desktop Windows 10 (Xeon, 32GB RAM, 256GB SSD) dan Tes Kecepatan BlackMagic di bawah laptop MacOS (MacBook Pro akhir 2013, 2,4 GHz i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD). My Passport SSD is a lot more expensive but it has the added advantage of speed, compatible with USB 3.1 Gen 2. All models come with a three-year warranty… Available from WD.com for £142.49 Here at What Mobile, we have reviewed a few of the external hard drives and this time is our chance to review the My Passport Ultra 4TB portable hard drive. It’s approximately 4.25 inches long, 3.1 inches wide, and weighs around 8 ounces. ☎ Buy WD My Passport 2019 WDBPKJ0050BBK-WESN 5TB USB3.2 gen1 Portable - Black at the best price » Same / Next Day Delivery WorldWide -- FREE Business Quotes ☎Call for pricing +44 20 8288 8555 sales@span.com Free Advice Enter external hard drives. The new drive is the successor to last year's similar-looking WD My Passport Edge. The WD My Passport Ultra is one of my favorite portable drives for its fast performance, large storage space, and its good looks. LLODO.COM - Internet Do - QA Do Eng. WD Discovery is a bit spammy, as we reported in our last encounter with it during our WD My Passport SSD review. The drive's street price, however, is likely to be lower, as was the case with the Edge. One thing it doesn't do, however, is back up the entire system as an image for system recovery in case the hard drive fails, or when you want to upgrade your computer to a new internal drive. The My Passport Ultra USB-C edition has the same compact design as classic My Passport drives but is USB-C ready and compatible with USB 3.0. Jennifer carol101 November 9, 2019, 3:23pm #4. CNET may get a commission from these offers. WD’s My Passport comes in capacities of 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, and 5TB. In fact, other than the word "Ultra" in place of "Edge" on the casing, the new drive looks just like its predecessor. The device has a Micro-USB 3.0 port on one side and comes with a foot-long USB cable. I am a novice at using these back up devices therefore I have asked for help which I didn’t see in the online manual. So WD My Passport, while being a cheaper option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $102 WD My Passport Ultra, as seen on the chart below. At launch, the drive's suggested price is slightly higher than those of its peers, and its 2TB-capacity model is not yet available. WD Drive Utilities is helpful for managing your portable drive. The bottom line The WD My Passport Ultra is one of the best portable drives you can buy with software that makes backups fast and easy. An old tech that's still darn useful. A flying car and the best of CES 2021 Wednesday on CNET's livestream, Sony's streaming speakers offer premium design and 360 Reality Audio support. Thank you. The drive's 2TB version will not be available until the third quarter of the year. Nothing very exciting happens in the world of portable hard drives – while everybody needs at least one or two, they're really seen as commodity items now and Conclusion Topping my USB 3.0 testing charts, the aesthetically pleasing WD My Passport Ultra proves that stellar performance can come in a very small package. WD Security lets you secure the drive's content with a password. The new Western Digital My Passport has also earned the title of Editor’s choice in our list of Top Ten best external hard drives.Western Digital My Passport Ultra also gives the storage capacity up to 3Tb, but this is not the only cool thing about WD. WD SmartWare now supports backing up to Dropbox. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that WD My Passport is a more popular external hard drive, based on its 10,000+ reviews. Windows 2000 or later, Mac OS 10.4 or later, WD SmartWare Pro, WD Utility, WD Security. The drive measures 4.25”x3.25”x0.75” and weighs 255 gm (9 oz). Backing up data is very easy and intuitive job with WD SmartWare. The new My Passport™ drive has been redesigned for you to make the most of your own journey. With the My Passport Ultra, you can activate WD SmartWare Pro two times on two separate computers. It features a convenient, slim form factor and is available in a range of vibrant colours. The LaCie Mobile Drive and Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Touch posted a photo finish in 11 seconds, with the other three drives, including the WD My Passport… Follow this topic to get notifications about new stories. Having a 5400 RPM hard drive on the inside, the new WD My Passport doesn’t intend to break any record. It's easy to recommend it, as … The drive can also be encrypted using 256-bit AES hardware encryption through WD Security. Designed for consumers and professionals on the go who to store large amounts of data, the new My Passport Ultra is available in a maximum capacity of 4TB. Uji WD My Passport Ultra. Bisset, By Editors' note: The rating of this review was updated on May 29th, 2015 to reflect the drive's position on the market in with its successor. Fleenor. That is not to denigrate the WD My Passport 2019 in any way – it comes in 1, 2, 4 and 5TB models, not to mention in Black, Sky and Red colours over a vastly slimmed-down 107.2mm x 75mm x 11.15mm … Seems like you can never have enough disk space, but cloud storage is so darn slow. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The WD My Passport Ultra is one of my favorite portable drives for its fast performance, large storage space, and its good looks. The WD My Passport 2019 – (OK, it is 2020 but released late last year) is proof that larger, external, portable hard disks refuse to die in the onslaught of smaller, faster, shockproof SSDs. This is the only cable you need; it handles both power and data functions. Similar to the Edge, the My Passport Ultra worked quietly in my testing and produced no vibration and almost no heat at all. The My Passport Ultra (2019) is available direct from WD for $119.99 (4TB), $89.99 (2TB) and $69.99 (1TB) respectively. When used with USB 2.0, the drive registered 27MBps and 33MBps for writing and reading, respectively. All are backed by a 3-year limited warranty and priced to move. The good The compact and good-looking WD My Passport Ultra offers fast data speeds, has helpful bundled software, and comes in stylish color options. I would confidently say it’s 5400rpm. The drive's helpful bundled software also makes backing up data convenient even for novices. In my testing, it's much faster than its predecessor. It's easy to recommend it, as it ranks among the top drives on the market. But it performed well in my testing nonetheless. The Ultra offers up to 2TB of storage space, comes with WD SmartWare backup software, and is available in four colors: titanium, red, black, and blue. Unlike the Edge, which only came in titanium, the Ultra also comes in three other colors: red, blue, and black. WD SmartWare Pro works with all external hard drives, including those made by other vendors. This is the fastest score among the USB 3.0 portable drives I've tested thus far. Because the 4TB drive housed inside is 15mm thick, the My Passport 4TB isn’t as thin as many lower-capacity units, measuring 0.85 inch from top to bottom. Performance I tested the 500GB and 1TB version of the My Passport Ultra, and it performed very well with both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. i’ve never seen reviews or comments saying otherwise. Key Features. WD My Passport 4TB Review Wrap Up. Looks aren't always important for storage devices, but they don't hurt, either, and in the case of the WD My Passport Ultra, looks are a great bonus.

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