For café-lovers, if they haven’t tried Vietnamese egg coffee (ca phe trung), I think they will be surprised by its special taste of Café trung. Pour your coffee in a cup and top with the mixture. Nowadays, Giang is revered as the king of Vietnamese egg coffee. Tourists can order hot or cold, both of them appear to be very different experiences of paralleled delight. Join out Hanoi Tour to revel in the wonderful taste of Hanoi egg coffee and here are some favorite places for egg coffee in Hanoi. Hopefully it doesn’t take me too long to nail it, lol. Could also hear the sounds of blending machines from downstairs. We are a passionate team of one hundred avid travelers who love to share our experiences of Hanoi, Vietnam with those looking for a more authentic travel experience. Café Pho Co also gives you a wonderful café experience in Hanoi. There was a constant flow of tourists on street food tours. It was like a green tea latte with the same creamy topping as the Egg Coffee. pagespeed.deferIframe.convertToIframe(); Cafe Giang Apparently, this egg coffee was made by mixing a blend of chicken egg yolk, condensed milk, butter and cheese with freshly brewed Vietnamese coffee. Today, I', Nutella French Toast Roll Ups - best of both world, 开饭了!This Pork Collar with Crispy Garlic Sa, An ingenious invention that pleases the palates of many, Foodie Market Place @ Tiong Bahru - Your One Stop Shop for Meat, Cheese and Specialty Products, Ingredients for Steamboat, Easy Soup Bases and the Best Dipping Sauces, Albert Centre Wholesale Market @ Queen Street (Bugis), Belle Ville Pancake Cafe @ Bugis Junction, Daessiksin 大食神 by MOF @ Waterway Point, Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant @ UE Square (1-for-1 Buffet with The Entertainer App), An Exquisite Afternoon High Tea @ The Landing Point, Fullerton Bay Hotel, The Malayan Council - A Place to Talk, Makan & Chill, Where to get cheap & good roast duck in Singapore? Website: Go to Vietnam and you will encounter this rich, caffeinated beverage confection in the bustling urban quarters of Hanoi, where the storied Cafe Giảng makes the original version. We ordered a hot Egg Coffee (30,000 VND) that came with hot water in the saucer below for keeping warm. We had not heard of it before, but after a false start when we went to the wrong cafe, we then headed to the original café where egg coffee in Hanoi all started. Behind the brand of Hanoi egg coffee, there are many scintillating tales, and some of them may be like: “it’s so hideous when pouring a raw egg into a cup of coffee”. At that time, Nguyen Van Giang was working at the famous Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel in Hanoi. //]]> Not only is it the original place, it’s also incredibly delicious. 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Address: 39 Nguyen Huu Huan, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi; Price … The cafe was founded in 1946 by Mr Nguyen Giang (hence the name) who is said to be the godfather of egg coffee in Vietnam. We heard about it from our hotel staff. Facebook page: The original egg coffee This is down one of the many alleyways in Hanoi You go through a luggage shop, up stairs into what looks like a building site and into a one room cafe This is where the egg coffee was invented, allegedly because there was lack of condensed milk. Having egg coffee at Giang Café is really an experience in the original egg coffee in Hanoi and Vietnam in general. Well, Cafe Giang had seamlessly combined both coffee and dessert in a cup. In the French war, there was a severe shortage of milk, and there is one man who came to rescue of java junkies across the capital during that time, he is Nguyen Van Giang. pagespeed.deferIframeInit(); Café Giang in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, where it was invented, still serves the egg coffee but other places now offer their own recipe - sometimes even bettering the original! What Makes Egg Coffee in Hanoi Special Egg coffee is originally created by Mr. Nguyen Van Giang, a five-star Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel’s Chef in 1946. By the way, there’s also free wifi here (password is provided next to the table). Other Hanoi cafes have attempted to imitate the drink, but the packed venue offering the authentic version is still the most popular spot in town for an egg coffee fix. Packed with locals and tourists alike. Almost every coffee shop in Hanoi sells egg coffee, but there are some places you need to go if you want to try high quality egg coffee. The story of egg coffee. 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