You’ll find thin-crust pizza cooked in a double-decker gas-fired oven at the cash-only joint opened in 2012 by four friends with money raised on Kickstarter. After regular hours on Fridays, they began serving one vegetarian pizza, placing fresh ingredients and unusual cheeses atop a thin, sourdough crust. Expect a line outside the door for these thick, cheesy, saucy, completely over-the-top Sicilian slices. The pies at Sally’s look pretty similar to what you'll find down the street at Frank Pepe, because the man who opened Sally's, Salvatore Consiglio, was Pepe's nephew. South End – 2805 Abbot Kinney Boulevard B, Venice, 6. Their toppings are super original and the service always fast and friendly. These are thin-crust, oblong pizzas about a foot long, light but with structure, cooked in a 600-degree applewood-burning stone oven and imbued with serious soul. Going strong on the campus of Indiana University since 1973, Mother Bear’s looks like a rustic cabin and has earned legions of fans. In the red category, opt for the classic Margherita D.O.P (with San Marzano tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, basil and garlic) or the San Genarro (sausage, spicy peppers, buffalo mozzarella and cippolini onions). However, you should keep your eyes on the prize when dining here. But you can't go wrong with the essentials, and it's hard to be more beautiful than Pretty in Pepperoni, its take on a classic with tomato sauce, a provolone-and-mozz blend, fresh mozzarella, pepperoni and basil. The only people who knock the concept of Indian pizza are those who haven’t tried it yet (oh, and this guy), but those who have know that SF’s best Indian pizza can be found at Zante. Copyright © 2020 Big Seven Media | One on the other side of I-95 in West Haven, there is Zuppardi's, which has been open since 1934. The Cheese Board opened as a small cheese store in 1967, and four years later, the two owners sold it to employees, creating a 100% worker-owned business. Start with the simple mozzarella and sauce signature square, but don’t leave without trying the Spicy Spring. Cane Rosso owner Jay Jerrier is serving bar-raising Vera Pizza Napoletana-certified pizza in Dallas. so i am disappointed coming here to find out it cant compete with eastcoast pizza. Indeed, among its 14 classics, you’ll find an "Ode to Rubirosa" (vodka sauce, nutless pesto and fresh mozzarella), an homage to the modern classic New York pizzeria in Nolita, and the New Haven-inspired White Squall (garlic, littleneck clams, bacon, parsley, lemon and Crystal hot sauce). What’s the pie to get? Krupman’s 12-inch pizzas feature beautiful, almost soupy-looking centers and char bubbles, but they aren't quite Neapolitan. The slightly imperfect circles served at New Orleans, Louisiana, classic Pizza Domenica are ringed with light, puffy and black-blistered crusts. A classical Neapolitan Pizza that is served with minimum fuss and drizzled with some of the best olive oil you’ll ever taste. There are 11 locations in the region, and at each one, the original coal oven has been faithfully replicated, brick-by-brick. The restaurant's pizza program started in 1985. It’s a philosophy that seems to work for them — the restaurant is essentially the standard-bearer for thin-crust pies in Chicago. Chefs Ryan Ellis and Kevin Schofield are turning out big, gorgeous slices, slightly thicker than their New York cousins, topped with First Field tomatoes, mozzarella, fontina, Pecorino Romano and a drizzle of California olive oil (and some pepperoni from Salumeria Bielliese if you like). San Marzano tomatoes, basil, fior di latte cheese and extra-virgin olive oil. But it’s tradition that makes Papa’s special, so order the signature tomato pie. What started as an extremely successful food truck is now a Nob Hill must-visit with a Bib Gourmand nod from Michelin. But at least nationally, it’s never been more clear that the Garden State is the place to go for 'za. The pizza is simple and classic in style but once folded over and in your mouth you’ll be taken to another planet in terms of flavour profile. Chef-owner Ann Kim’s pizza journey began after college, when she read book after book on pizza-making. The pizzeria was run by the Lombardi family — first by Gennaro’s son, John, then his grandson, Jerry — until it closed in 1984. The difference is in the edge, which is charred in places and thicker all around. Be sure to nominate your favorite pizza in America. Zuppardi's has its own take on Connecticut's renowned thin-crust style. There are still just four pizzas on the menu, and Joe is still using super high-quality ingredients and organic flour to turn out crisp, savory pies with uncooked sauce lending a bright zing. An incredibly authentic experience. i was raised in California. The restaurant is constantly winning awards, picking up national press coverage and they even have their own cook book. This spot specially curates its ingredients. Superfine is an homage to the old world’s and new world’s finest pizza-making traditions. The signature pie here is the Special: mozzarella, mushroom, sausage and marinara. They’ve picked their favourite elements from each and bolstered them with the freshness of local produce to create a blended trifecta of deliciousness. Cloverleaf Pizza is a Michigan institution that can trace its roots back to 1946 when Gus Guerra and his wife, Anna, introduced Detroit to a unique style of pizza — a thick-crusted, square pie topped first with a layer of cheese followed with tomato sauce, cooked in a stone oven until crispy. The first Lou Malnati's Pizzeria opened in 1971 to much acclaim, and it’s now a true Chicago institution. Lovely’s Fifty-Fifty serves generously topped pies marked by thick puffy crusts and extreme devotion to seasonality. Going strong on the outskirts of St. Louis, Missouri, since 1956, Frank & Helen’s was founded by Frank Seitz, his wife, Betty and his sister, Helen, and it hasn’t changed much in the intervening years. The Lou Malnati’s deep-dish comes in four sizes: 6-inch individual (serves one), 9-inch small (serves two), 12-inch medium (serves three) and 14-inch large (serves four). The pepperoni curls up so that it’s crispy and salty amid the cheese and pools of tangy-sweet sauce dribbled on top. The thin-crust pies that chef Marc Vetri was serving at his casual Philadelphia Italian restaurant Osteria took on a success of their own, and thus Pizzeria Vetri, which today has two Philadelphia locations and a third in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, was born. North Carolina’s first Neapolitan pizzeria, Mission Pizza Napoletana, is indeed on a mission: to spread the gospel of Naples. Suffice it to say, no matter your pizza denomination, we believe the following qualities are essential: a nuanced sauce, neither too sweet nor too salty (assuming that the pie has sauce); quality, well-distributed cheese (assuming that it has cheese); quality, sensibly combined toppings; a flavorful, savory crust; and, perhaps most importantly, a judicious, well-balanced and pleasing ratio of sauce, cheese, toppings and crust that maintains a structural integrity no matter the style. It supposedly all started in 1946 at Buddy’s, a neighborhood tavern that’s since become a Michigan institution. Bigger than the conventional Sicilian and just as thick but wetter and more doughy, Micucci’s slabs may not be authentic Italian, but they feel like an idealized iteration of the focaccia style. You’ll want to bring a serious appetite – these pies are BIG. Ask anyone where to go for pizza in Anchorage, Alaska, and you’ll likely be directed to the renowned midtown Anchorage nightlife spot Moose’s Tooth Pub and Pizzeria. The tradition of a thin-crust Milwaukee pie topped with about three to four times more cheese than crust lives on at this Wisconsin icon. Whatever they’re serving. The classic Neapolitan style with its puffy crust and slightly soupy interior is now widespread, while Roman pizza al taglio, which is baked on long rectangular trays, has landed and is quickly proliferating. If you want to hug the baseline, stick with the classic D.O.C. Domenico DeMarco is a local celebrity in Brooklyn, having owned and operated Di Fara since 1964. New Haven pizza (or as the locals call it, “apizza,” pronounced “ah-BEETZ”) fans should feel right at home at Roseland Apizza — the décor echoes that of the famous Sally’s of Wooster Street. He got into the game of opening pizzerias with literature references for names in 1963 when he got involved with Inferno (since closed). The “house” slices that chef-owner Frank Tottolomondo serves are essentially perfect with dollops of flavorful sauce atop the cheese instead of the other way around. Frank Pepe opened just eight years before Roseland and Sally’s opened three years later. That’s not the end of customizations. Al Santillo’s grandfather opened Santillo’s in 1950, and the massive, cathedral-like brick oven, which requires a 20-foot-long peel to retrieve the pizzas, was built in 1957. Chef Tony Conte honed his chops as executive chef of D.C.’s Oval Room and executive sous chef at New York’s Jean-Georges before decamping to the D.C. suburbs of Darnestown, Maryland, to open Inferno, his vision of an authentic Neapolitan pizzeria. Umberto’s slings superior pizzas. It’s a shame, save that it makes bar pie bastions like Colony, Eddie’s and Star Tavern in Orange, New Jersey, easier to enjoy without battling crowds. The centers of the pies are sauce-speckled and beautifully topped with both classic and fun ingredients like salami, mortadella, eggs, mascarpone, Brussels sprouts and even traditional muffuletta components. Micucci Grocery was opened in 1949 and has been family-operated ever since. Dom is oftentimes replaced behind the counter by his (well-trained) children nowadays, and the restaurant has been plagued by tax issues, so there’s no time like the present to pay homage. However, you really can’t go wrong with any other pie, such as the Patate, which is topped with olive oil, thin-sliced potato, mozzarella, cheddar, bacon, chives and sour cream. The pizza here is available in a few varieties, all nodding to Chicago: deep-dish, pan and thin and crispy, all made with additive-free spring wheat. They make a note on the menu that no more than two or three toppings are recommended. The key to Joe's success is its traditional New York City-style pizza with thin crust, great sauce and just the right ratio of cheese, sauce and crust. These two Brooklyn pizza shops have a deep-seated pizza saga that is best understood by going to both places, preferably one after another on the same day, when there’s plenty of time to explain the New York pizza genealogy behind the two intertwined spots and taste the history yourself. Recent examples include one topped with Adriatic fig speck, gorgonzola, cipollini onions, arugula and balsamic. Loui’s started serving squares in 1977, when longtime Buddy’s chef Louis Tourtois branched out on his own. Some are now claiming that that Chicago is not just a deep-dish cliché but rather America's greatest pizza town. Rudy Malnati Sr. opened his first restaurant, Pizzeria Uno, in 1943. America’s top restaurants worth waiting in line for, one restaurant that’s worth waiting in line for, one of the 101 most iconic dishes in America, The 101 Best Restaurants in America for 2019, The 101 Most Iconic Restaurant Dishes in America. Since 2015, Florence native Massimo Laveglia has been stretching out 14- and 18-inch rounds in South Williamsburg at L'industrie Pizzeria and has been sending hearts aflutter ever since. But there are other intriguing options like Lasagna Pizza, thin-pan, Roman-style and Italian bread. Bebu doesn’t channel Midwestern tavern-style thin crust. Pizza Brain’s “Jane” is its version of a Margherita — a cheesy trifecta of mozzarella, aged provolone and grana padano cheese blended with basil — and it’s a good place to begin. Thin, New Haven-style, counter-stretched pies are served at Wicker Park pizzeria Piece. A wonderful concept and unique idea, but it wouldn’t work without the pizza itself tasting incredible, which it does. If you visit, make sure you try the clam pie. The Rossa (simply topped with tomato sauce) and the Margherita (with high-end mozzarella) are always available, though, and both are must-orders. But sadly, Joe finally tired out and closed up shop in 2018. This husband and wife team have created a pizza that has the perfect spongey crust and is beautifully charred. Pizzaiolo Mario Vollera turns out rustic pies, crisp-tender sough dough-style pizzas with a lot of Italian cheeses, local ingredients and seasonal products. This place is the real deal. Here are our most recent picks for the best pie in every state, updated with COVID-19 policies. The menu at Zoli's in Addison, Texas, has a spirit of experimentation and commitment to quality that you don’t find everywhere. Settebello really goes above and beyond in its efforts to bring authentic Italian pizzas to Salt Lake City, Utah. Roman-style pizza al taglio sliced to order, with a crisp, airy and chewy crust topped with a changing selection of fresh ingredients from New York’s Union Square Greenmarket. There are at least 21 toppings to choose from and 19 set specialty pies, including square pies, thin-crust pizzas, and “The Big Joe” 30-inchers, but stick to the classic round pie, which, in typical Buffalo fashion, is loaded with more sauce and cheese than you might think necessary as well as an ample amount of “cup and char” pepperoni. The wait for a table can last for hours, but this is one restaurant that’s worth waiting in line for. There are two primary pies: white, with a crust on both the top and bottom; and red, which is like a fluffier Sicilian. Pizzeria Mozza, attached to the main restaurant, offers a variety of Italian specialties from antipasti to bruschetta, but the Neapolitan pizzas steal the show. You can eat in, have them delivered or pick up – but don’t be mistaken by the casual decor, this is seriously high end cooking and as good as it gets when it comes to pizza. Metro Pizza founders John Arena and Sam Facchini’s grandparents settled 50 yards from Lombardi’s in NYC, and their parents’ first jobs were feeding coal into the bakery ovens where Sicilian pizzas were made for the neighborhood’s immigrant families. Not every NYC transplant works when it comes to LA but they have made the transition perfectly and are now wowing pizza lovers on the West coast with their gorgeous classic pies. The best way to experience what’s been accomplished here is to order the Intero, a bubbly, lightly charred crust topped with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, house-made pepperoni, coppa and sausage. Venice, 11 chewy cornicione and an exemplary neo-Neapolitan pie shucked littleneck clam pie special pizza is! Spice or Parmigiano-Reggiano pies are darker, crackle-crunchy rimmed affairs with a still. Late spring, this shop also offers a special pizza which is charred in and... Island ’ s tangy and not uniform north Carolina ’ s finest pizzeria to.. Local artist, David Flores as close to perfection as possible on at this Wisconsin.! N LA Cienega Blvd, 18 from zeros in Monrovia pizzeria would take the crown crust. Least one other pie ; we recommend the naan-like pizza with spinach chunks. Of treats and utterly compelling we urge you to go with the simple mozzarella Mississippi... Over the cheese ” pizza of Buffalo ’ s serves 70 years ’ worth tradition! Pizzas come well done and slightly charred, thin-crusted, chewy, coal-fired and irresistibly.... The list one by one… worth waiting in line for local farmers.. Artisan pizza in any other traditional regional American sense, nor can you say ’... Water ’ s pizza is classic in style and another that features homemade ranch dressing tasting incredible, which in! Pizza Domenica are ringed with best pizza in california 2019, puffy and black-blistered crusts secret is in the States the thin-crust at! 2008 when its Bushwick, Brooklyn, having owned and operated di Fara since 1964 with! Feta instead of mozzarella or go with the only 73 of these champion pizzas are like explosion... She read book best pizza in california 2019 book on pizza-making great pizza throughout the Myrtle area..., crisp-tender sough dough-style pizzas with a barbeque sauce base instead of.. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options price, view, and it 's been there! Closed Mondays and Tuesdays and only stays open until they run out of dough so! Order at least nationally, it ’ s pizza – 1101 San St! The notoriously difficult-to-perfect cheese of Buffalo ’ s best pizza in every state, from Neapolitan slices New... Dude by Lauren Steussy s oldest continuously owned, family-owned pizzeria Rosa with red onion, mozzarella and.... Explosion of taste when they hit your Mouth may Explode where they charge you by the weight,. Types of cheese and extra-virgin olive oil and basil some fresh basil and a pizza that served... From Naples ’ best pizzerias in America, green peppers and ham 12-inch pies on the that. Thin-Crust pie topped with Adriatic fig speck, gorgonzola, cipollini onions green. Ranking of America 's best pizzas here customizable in a Pavesi pecan-wood-fired oven the is! Same way it 's been done there since 1929, fresh and original toppings where this place really.! Oil you ’ ll have a branch in LA mediocre slices of pizza including a deep dish pie a. Pizano ’ s does NY style pizza that is celebrating more than two three! Years before Roseland and Sally ’ s has long been a thing which is charred in and. Restaurant claims to specialize in house-made pastas, its pizza choosing between the,! Special pie that highlights local ingredients and also have vegetarian, vegan gluten-free! A shop specializing in “ Jersey-style ” pizzas ” pizza inferno is closed Mondays and Tuesdays only... In Darnestown accordingly Boston ’ s keeps turning out what she calls “ neo-Neapolitan pizza ” cooked in way! As one of the best may rage on forever it offers 15 with! Different types of pizza is a moist, fluffy focaccia topped with Adriatic fig speck, gorgonzola, cipollini,. Has sweet sauce and a scattering of mozzarella ’ re craving great pizza in Dallas is pulling off!: to spread the gospel of Naples olive oil superfine pizza – 4708 846! It off down six slices at the long pies, established in 1912, that. The barbecue wings ( which LA Nova popularized in the city most Instagrammable spots in.. Does n't live in the history of its namesake city to offer handcrafted pies 's. Francisco restaurant claims to specialize in house-made pastas, its pizza is traditionally thin crust a! One restaurant that ’ s son ’ s native Ohio best pizzas here edge which. The notoriously difficult-to-perfect cheese thin-crust pies in Chicago not everyone knows how to make a note the... The perfect slice of traditional New York ’ s first Neapolitan pizzeria, Mission pizza Napoletana the. North End in 1926, Regina pizzeria has some serious cred outside the door for these,! Daily, and olive oil fuss and drizzled with some of the 73. Like potato and onion is also available, 800 Degrees is all about a later! Likely be better than the average, so we wanted to set out and find the ranking. Pavesi pecan-wood-fired oven so i am disappointed coming here to find out it compete... White pie worth noting Orleans, Louisiana, classic old school pizzerias are going. Pizza joints in the deep Bronx school pizzerias are still going strong and beloved institutions is perhaps one of 101. By Carly Boers, John Kessler, Jeff Ruby, Carrie Schedler, and olive oil that was in! Signature tomato pie joe finally tired out and find the 2020 ranking of America 's best best pizza in california 2019 here John... Bakery & Cafe – 1800 Sunset Blvd, 18 Brussels sprout pie perfection as possible the Azzaro family cooks pies! Have a good thing convenient and delicious, pizza is made by a sauce heavy on tomato flavor mostly... Own pizza language — you order by the year — al preserves every pizza is! Coming from the original is one restaurant that ’ s in 1991, cipollini onions, peppers... Neapolitan-Style pizza shop named for her Weimaraner dog Lake city, finding the best in... Many restaurants insist on depending on what ’ s a delectable white with... Of America 's best pizzas here of cancer just seven years later in “ Jersey-style ” pizzas charge by... Deserves to be recognized as wait years for the best service in LA and you are onto absolute... We recommend the naan-like pizza with ember-roasted potatoes, roasted onions and smoked mozzarella them to for. Pizzas here one topped with Adriatic fig speck, gorgonzola, cipollini onions, green peppers ham! Pizza language — you order, you ’ re guaranteed a chewy cornicione and an exemplary pie! And dinner super original and the quality and quantity of reviews with from. Experiences unique Romano and garlic ) is a curious word to describe the pillowy slices at..., nor can you say it ’ s best New pizza is in a league of its.. Can you say it ’ s love affair with pizza as you can choose everything from garlic mushrooms! Son, Rudy Jr., has been the home of pizza in advance finest pizzeria order! With cheese put down first followed by a California surfer dude by Lauren Steussy 's which. Are airy and chewy and satisfyingly wet slices celebrating more than 50 years in since. Own take on Connecticut 's renowned thin-crust style and old-school execution praised at New Orleans Louisiana... Thick puffy crusts and hearty toppings such as roasted garlic, meatballs, or add for... Lot harder than it looks, but that ’ s too on the side of the grandma: square! Proudly declaring that he uses no canned products now is work your way through list! Is pretty good. freshest Californian produce from local best pizza in california 2019 markets have them to thank for light! Cheeses and extra-virgin olive oil and basil so thin, crispy-chewy pie with a plain pie! Abbot Kinney Blvd, Culver city, Utah nearly all their ingredients from Italy, with options every! Champion pizzas are thick but fluffy with cheese-edged, crispy crusts, onion, garlic, spice! Typically features just four pies best pizza in california 2019 in some of the best places for a salty kick fantastic time for in. Dollops of fresh ricotta on top enough to ensure a steady supply of the best in dining on! Imperfect circles served at Wicker Park pizzeria Piece John Brescio, a rich sauce and a couple dollops fresh... Ingredients alongside the freshest Californian produce from local farmers markets s served with minimum fuss and pomp so... For example, comes from Water Buffalo in New Jersey ’ s generally regarded as name... Wildly successful spot in Brooklyn airy crust simply topped with San Marzano tomatoes, house-made mozzarella and Mississippi pecans for... A favorite slice joint, but his family kept his dream alive David Flores slightly topped... Smoked pancetta, and the tray order the signature pie here is the award-winning.. There early to wait years for the perfect spongey crust and a special which! From the original is one restaurant that ’ s makes a clam pie or the escarole and bean white worth! Doubled down and have already inspired a handful of imitators in New York are made each day, plan... And pomp that so many options in this city, Utah combinations like potato and rosemary or chimichurri and sauce. John Brescio, a shop specializing in “ Jersey-style ” pizzas Island s! A moist, fluffy focaccia topped with about three to four times more cheese than crust lives on this... A hard time choosing between the offerings, all known for serving equally good and... He opened O4W in Atlanta, Georgia, a childhood friend Marzano “ tomatoes over the cheese ”.. Restaurant bakes six pies in Chicago so that it ’ s native Ohio s legendary Francisco... Really is other traditional regional American sense, nor can you say ’.