A wise, expert strategist, he was initially one of Goku's most ruthless enemies, but after training and bonding with his son, Gohan, in preparation for the arrival of the Saiyans, he began to become a better person, eventually joining the Z Fighters as one of their most skilled warriors. This is the reason why he was put on a spaceship and sent to Earth. As shown by Piccolo and Kami, Namekian Fusion allows two Namekians produced by fission to become whole once more causing the Life Link between them to be negated as the assimilated Namekian (as in the case of Kami) ceases to exist as a separate individual. However his later fusion with Kami appears as a transformation called True Namekian Fusion which allows Piccolo to access his Super Namekian power. Kami is significantly weaker than Piccolo, he couldn't even compete with him in the Piccolo Jr saga. I'd say Piccolo with ease. The Nameless Namekian went from being the Namekian prodigy to being weaker than dogshit by Namekian standards when he split into Kami and Daimao. Another example would be in New Namek when he uses Piccolo's inability to defeat Goku as an incentiv… Piccolo uniting with Kami. Also fusions tend to increase the power a lot. In the Budokai series, this technique is used by Piccolo under the names Sync with Nail and Fuse with Kami. 融合 Light Grenade A powerful energy ball attack that was used against Imperfect Cell during their battle on the Tropical Islands in Dragon Ball Z. Masenko A signature technique used by Piccolo, it is a quick blast fired with one open hand directly in front of the other. His snarky attitude is demonstrated when he asked King Kaiif he was questioning God after the latter asked the same question. The good half then became Kami. The nameless Namek who was sent to earth as a child wanted to become Kami but was unable to because of evil in his heart, so he split his evil out into its own entity, the original Piccolo. Later in the series, when other normal Namekians are int… The evil half was reborn and trained up from dogshit to being impressive to the best warrior on Namek. Keep in mind Piccolo wasn't a weak person before uniting with Kami, he was nearly on par to the Super Saiyans (he may have been equal to Trunks), more powerful than Tien and Gohan, even overpowered Dr. Gero. Kami couldn't match piccolo because he was very old but if he was in his prime maybe the fight would have been a lot closer. Piccolo was nowhere near the super saiyans before fusing with Kami. The Namekians felt he alone deserved to live even if the others were wiped out by the disaster on Namek. Piccolo is the reincarnation of King Piccolo, born with the simple goal of killing Son Goku and avenging his father at any cost. After struggling to be useful on the field due to him lacking enough power to compete with his enemies, Piccolo strikes back after fusing with Kami, ready to help his allies thanks to his all new capabilities. Fusion with New Future Kami and New Future Piccolo Piccolo used the Namekian Fusion with New Future Kami in his Armoured Form, and New Future Piccolo in Piccolo's Armour. Piccolo uses the Namekian Fusion with Kami and becomes a Super Namek. Kami is a Namekian with wrinkly skin. Piccolo (Merged with Kami) appears as one of Piccolo's forms. He is designed to counter a specific Tag that, while once Meta relevant, has fallen from upper echelon to outlier fringe play. — Namekian Fusion Z-Encyclopedia Summary in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Namekian Fusion I always looked at it as Piccolo being half a person with half the potential. In fact it has played a role in several conflicts such as Battle on Planet Namek, the Androids conflict, and the Tournament of Power. Having Nail's power gave Piccolo the edge he needed to help Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta against Frieza. Additionally, it is among the few types of fusion that are inherently permanent and simple to perform. The first time, he fuses with Nail, the last Warrior-type Namekian, before fighting Frieza, while in the second time, he fuses with Kami before fighting Imperfect Cell in Gingertown. This technique appears in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle as Piccolo's Active Skill for certain catds. In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Piccolo uses Namekian Fusion to fuse with Nail during Frieza Force Saga Episode 6. Gather Medals in this Event and exchange them for the Event-exclusive SPARKING character, Fused with Kami Piccolo! Rapid Fire An energy sphere barrage o… Merging however brought them to a power to rival Freeza's second form, a level exceeding one million. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission!! Overview. attack, King Piccolo's last action in his life before dying was to spit out an huge green egg containing his only son and reincarnation Piccolo Jr, who was to avenge his death. However, as both Kami and the Nameless Namekian were Dragon Clansmen, Piccolo apparently inherited some Dragon Clan abilities, given that his life is tied to the Black Star Dragon Balls, though they are apparently not of the same caliber of a normal Dragon Clansmen like Dende as Piccolo never attempted to depower the Black Star Dragon Balls like Dende did with the Earth's Dragon Balls in Online and instead choose to die with the Earth as it was destroyed by the side effect of the Black Star Dragon Balls use to ensure their destruction. The increase didn't shoot him very far, yes he was stronger than the Super Saiyans and initially Cell's first form, but couldn't quite surpass 17 and 18. No, Namekian fusion must have. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, A subreddit for all things Dragon Ball! During the events of Dragon Ball Z, Piccolo used the namekian fusion with Nail, and later with Kami. This makes Namekian fusion useful in times of war or conflict. Fusion isn't just additive, it multiplies power as well. Piccolo and Kami didnt do the same type of fusion that Piccolo and Nail did. He is designed to appear as a strange-looking divine creature, like a goblin, who has pointy ears and fangs. SH1-16 Piccolo card has the CAA Special Ability Merge with Nami that allows Piccolo to fuse with any Nail card to become Piccolo (Merged with Nail). Anything is possible when it comes to Dragon Ball, so the three-way fusion between Piccolo and his Universe 6 counterparts is not out of the question. After the fusion, the non-host's consciousness lives inside the body of the host from this point onwards and their life span as a body ends. It is more of an assimilation (the alternate title of this type of fusion) than fusion, as one Namekian absorbs the energy, strength, memories, and intelligence or thought pattern of another. Additionally Saonel and Pilina are playable as a team with their character card depicts the Namekians they have assimilated. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!! Namekians can only fuse if they are of the same type as each other.[8]. The Namekian Fusion could be undone by force with the use of Forced Spirit Fission. Added character-spe... Dragon Ball Legends (Unofficial) Game Database. Kami inside Piccolo's mind during the Tournament of Power many years after their fusion, Universe 6 Super Namekian Pilina and the numerous Namekians he is fused with in, Universe 6 Super Namekian Saonel and the numerous Namekians he is fused with in, Battle as a Namekian Piccolo card that allows Piccolo to assimilate Nail in, Battle as a Namekian Piccolo (Assimilated) card depicting Piccolo after his assimilation of Nail in, Kami and Demon King United Piccolo card that allows Piccolo to fuse with Kami in, Kami and Demon King United Piccolo (Fused With Kami) card depicting Piccolo fused with Kami in, In the Name of Survival Saonel & Pilina card depicting the Namekians they are fused with in. Dragon Ball Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Kami never removes his robe for combat, but in a flashbacks, he is shown wearing the same dark gi as King Piccolo, but with his own kanji on under it. However Guru never specified how powerful a Super Saiyan would have to be to defeat the Nameless Namekian as Piccolo after his fusion with Kami was inferior to the higher Super Saiyan grades, levels, and a fully mastered Super Saiyan. Piccolo fuses with Kami Namekian Fusion (融合, Yūgō; lit. Gast Carcolh is a primary user of this type of fusion, having inside of him the incorporated powers of Nail, Elder Guru, and several other Nameks. In the 13th issue of Shonen Jump, there was a what-if Fusion Dance of Piccolo and Krillin called Prilin. Krillin compared Piccolo's pre fusion power to a Super Saiyan, and Piccolo was stomping Gero even after Gero absorbed a decent chunk of Piccolo's power. In Dragon Ball Heroes, the Namekians, including players' avatars, have the ability to use this technique. Kami Connect 2021 Free virtual Conference for Educators. I mean, Saonel and Pirina were around half of Ultimate Gohan's power each, that is, around half of SSB Goku. Piccolo also appears in Dragon Ball SF and Dragon Ball GF.As the story progressess, his role shifts from warrior to mentor. Even if were the strongest warriors on Universe 6's Namek, they could have been no stronger then Nail before they merged with most of the population of their Namek.